Checking account

Open a checking account in Caribe Federal with $ 0.00 *.

Caribe Federal Credit Union has for you a checking / transactional account that you can monitor from wherever you are. You can open it with $ 0.00 *! Even if you don't use checks but you make many electronic transactions in the month; this account is ideal for you.

This checking account offers you:

  • Unlimited payments with your ATH
  • Free online payments (Caribe Bill Pay-e)
  • Online Financial Service by Caribe Online and Caribe Mobile for free
  • Free TeleCaribe interactive voice system
  • Overdraft protection against regular actions
  • 0 monthly service charges **
  • Line of credit up to $ 10,000 ***
  • Monthly Online Statements
  • First order of 25 free checks (on some models)
  • Free international Debit Card (ATM)
  • 0 Direct Deposit fees

Open your account here.

Service Charges

Regulation D

* If you do not register for direct deposit, $10 are required to open an account. 
** No service charge for the first year on new accounts. After that period, if the balance is less than $250, the monthly charge will be $5. Members over 65 years of age do not pay a monthly fee.
*** Subject to credit approval and other parameters established by CFCU.


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