Mortgage Loans to buy a new home or refinance your home

Caribe Federal gives you the support you need when buying a property or refinancing an existing one. Our representatives are specialized in mortgage loans and will guide you throughout the process.

We have different options with attractive interest rates; evaluate which one works best for you.

CaribeFed Mortgage 1*

  •     Loan for primary residence, second home or investment
  •     Maximum loan amount will depend on the requirements of the selected mortgage product.
  •     Options for conforming and non-conforming conventional loans.
  •     For primary residence we also offer loans insured by FHA, or guaranteed by VA and Rural
  •     Refinancing with or without surplus

CaribeFed Mortgage 2*

  • Mortgage loan for a second property
  • Facilitates financing for the purchase of a second home for vacation or recreational use for personal or family enjoyment.

CaribeFed Mortgage 3*

  • Second mortgage home loan
  • We offer second tier enrollment home loans up to a maximum of 80% of the appraised value, including the first mortgage.

Applying for a mortgage loan in Caribe Federal is simple, but it requires several important documents and evidences to be able to handle your application.The following documents will be required:

  •   Copy of the Purchase-Sale deed
  •     Copy of the current Purchase-Sale contract, if applicable
  •     Evidence of payment delivered to the seller as a Buy-Sell option.
  •     Evidence of income:
    • Wage earners: Pay stubs for the past 30 days and a copy of the W2 for the past two years.
    • Self-employed: Copy of income tax returns for the past two years.
  •     Provide the land registry number
  •     Copy of the Bank Statements of the past two months.
  •     Present a photo ID issued by the state, for each applicant.
  •     Copy of the Social Security Card of each applicant.

Maximum Terms

To learn more about our mortgage products, call 787-474-5151 ext. 5262 or 5423.

Type of Mortgage PurchasesMaximum AmountMax. TermL.T.V.
1st. Mortgage
(Refinancing of Residence)
Conforming up to
$ 417,000 / Over $ 417,000 Jumbo Loan
30 years80% **
2nd mortgage on primary residence15 years80%

Fee Schedule

* Certain restrictions apply. Subject to credit approval and other parameters established by the secondary market and CFCU. Your interest rate will be determined based on your credit history and Loan-to-Value.

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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421