Who We Are

The beginnings

In 1951, a group of federal employees founded Caribe Federal Credit Union, a non-profit
institution organized and administered under the Federal Cooperative Act.

From the beginning, the intention has been to serve federal employees in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Today, we are the largest and strongest federal cooperative organized in Puerto Rico, with over $693 million in assets. Our mission is to improve the lives of our members and provide them with the necessary education to make the right financial decisions.

Our cooperative is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) which is an independent federal agency of the United States that regulates and supervises all federal cooperatives in the nation.

We currently have an active membership that exceeds 54,000 members.

We serve more than 80 institutions and companies in Puerto Rico through the Employees of Select Groups program and people in the community through the Liga de Arte de San Juan and the San Juan Community Library.

Our goal is to be the main institution of our partners, not just an additional financial alternative. For this reason, we offer a variety of financial products and services, with the best interest rates and low service charges. In addition, we provide free online services and customer service by phone, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Today, our Chairman of the Board of Directors is Benito Rodríguez Esq. and our CEO is Mr. Jorge M. Vadell. We have a main branch on O'Neill Street in Hato Rey and three additional ones, one on Las Cumbres Avenue in Guaynabo, another in the Federal Building in Hato Rey and our new branch in Ponce located on Hostos Avenue.

Our ethics and moral guidance


Caribe Federal values are based on its commitment to the principles of the cooperative credit system and a deeply rooted sense of pride terming from Caribe Federal rich history, tradition, an outstanding record of achievements, high performance standards, and a sustained growth while providing quality services to its members since receiving its Federal Charter on June 20, 1951.

The following values constitute Caribe Federal ethical and moral guidelines to be observed by those acting on its behalf.


Working together as brothers toward the solution of common problems.


We believe that the organization and operations of Caribe Federal Credit Union should be mainly accomplished by volunteers. Our credit union is headed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members meet monthly to discuss different aspects that affect the credit union and how it can be changed for the wellness of the credit union and the members.


We believe in making concerted and comprehensive efforts in our quest for providing the best possible high quality services to our members.


One member, one vote; equal rights for all members.


We believe in helping others to help themselves by contributing to the teaching-learning process and making people aware of their rights and responsibilities.


Once a member, always a member.

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