Commercial Accounts

You can open a commercial account in Caribe Federal Credit Union.

Whether you started your own business recently or have been working on your own for several years, we know that your business is your priority. That’s why at Caribe Federal Credit Union we offer you our Commercial Account. With an opening balance of only $100, with this account you have:

  • Opening balance of $100.00
  • Free ATM card*
  • No monthly charge on accounts with balances of over $1,000.00.**
  • The first 10 checks drawn each month are free.
  • You can check your transactions online through Caribe Online and by phone through TeleCaribe or Caribe Mobile *
  • New POS Service with Accepta

Your business is your priority, and we are here to support you all the way. 

Fee Schedule – Commercial Account

*Only available for individual accounts

**Commercial checking accounts do not accrue dividends.