Free Online Services

Caribe Federal adjusts to your needs and offers you comfort and flexibility in your transactions. You no longer have to visit us at our branches to use any of the following services and they are free of charge:

  •     ATM withdrawals from the Coop24 ​​and ShareNet network
  •     Direct deposit
  •     Caribe Online
  •     Caribe Mobile
  •     ATH Mobile
  •     TeleCaribe
  •     Caribe Bill Pay-e
  •     Online account statements
  •     Recurrent transfers to loans through ACH
  •     Withdrawal of official checks from members
  •     First 10 checks processed monthly in the checking account
  •     Images of checks processed through Caribe Online

Monthly Service Charges

Some of our services have monthly charges, but here is how you can avoid them:

Keep an active account.

Avoid a $5.00 monthly charge by making at least one transaction per year. You can do this by establishing a direct deposit to your account or by making A2A transfers from another bank account to your Caribe Federal account.

Monitor your statement of accounts using Caribe Online. 

Avoid a $1.00 monthly charge by subscribing online to e-statement. It’s simple, free, and protects you against fraud. Your statements will be stored securely in Caribe Online, where you will need your username and password to access them. You can do it directly through our website.

Obtain a copy of your statement on Caribe Online. 

Avoid a $5.00 charge for requesting your monthly statements. Through Caribe Online you can print copies of these free of charge, as well as of the checks written in your checking account.

Get your balances by using TeleCaribe, Caribe Online or Caribe Mobile.

Avoid a $1.00 charge for requesting your balance in ATMs. Through our free services of TeleCaribe, Caribe Online and Caribe Mobile, you can find out all the balances of your Caribe Federal accounts at all times.

Make your loan and MasterCard payments on TeleCaribe, Caribe Online and Caribe Mobile.

Avoid a $ 2.00 charge for telephone assistance. Through our free services of TeleCaribe, Caribe Online and Caribe Mobile you can make the payments of your loans and MasterCard. Also, you can monitor the balances of the loans and payments made to these accounts and schedule a recurrent ACH to pay your loans.

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