CariKid Share Savings Account

The Cari Kid share savings account from Caribe Federal is ideal for teaching our kids from a very early age the importance of learning how to handle their own finances. For this, at Caribe Federal, we offer to our youngest members our Cari Kid account. It is one of the best tools they could have. 

Savings Account for our youngest members

The Cari Kid account allows you to:

  • Open the account with a $10.00 deposit.
  • Have your own ATH card.
  • Receive monthly statements either online or by mail.
  • Access the account in Caribe Online / Caribe Mobile through the account of the father, mother or legal guardian.
  • Participate in special events and art and creativity classes.
  • 10% Discount on art classes at La Liga de Artes de Estudiantes de San Juan (when you present your Cari Kid ATM card)
  • Get a chance to win prizes by participating in the Annual Christmas Card Contest. This event is exclusive for Cari Kid Members.
  • Once you turn 13, you qualify for an I-Save account (link a I-Save).

We will require the following documents:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Original Social Security Card of the child opening the account and the parent or legal guardian. who will jointly own the account
  • Valid Photo ID of the parent or tutor

Special Notice:

  • The funds deposited in the account can’t be used as collateral for a loan.
  • The parents or tutor will have to sign a minor account agreement.
  • The account will be opened with both names jointly.

Cari Kid Coloring Sheets!

The following Cari Kid coloring sheets are for you to print and start coloring, enjoy!

Savings Account Cari Kid Coloring sheets 1
Savings Account Cari Kid Coloring sheets 2
Savings Account Cari Kid Coloring sheets 3
Savings Account Cari Kid Coloring sheets 4

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Fee Schedule

Regulation D

*Only available for individual accounts