Now, you receive more with your Mastercard®!


If you have a Caribe Federal Mastercard® card, you are automatically participating in our rewards program where you accumulate points for every dollar you spend and make purchases at any business, gas station or restaurant*.

Once you have 5,000 points or more accumulated, you will be able to redeem your points. Caribe Federal will make a deposit of $50 into your shares account. Once the points are redeemed, your balance will be zero and you will start accumulating points again. Accumulated points do not expire.


  • Restaurant spending $1= 3 points
  • Gas station spending $1= 2 points
  • Purchases or Cash withdrawals $1= 1 point


  • Name of what is accumulated: Points
  • All members who have Caribe Federal's Mastercard® card and maintain their accounts without arrears qualify to participate in this program.
  • Accumulation: For every $1 of consumption and/or cash withdrawal = 1 point
  • Minimum amount required to achieve a prize: $5,000.00 (Deposit of $50)
  • Annual point accumulation limit for purchases and services: 100,000 points
  • Annual point accumulation limit for cash withdrawals: 5,000 points
  • Combined total annual point accumulation limit: 105,000 points
  • You can verify your accumulated points in your monthly Mastercard® account statement.
  • If you have 5,000 points or more accumulated and want to redeem them, you have two ways to do so:
  • Commercial transactions do not participate in the program. These are defined as customers who use their cards to pay for commercial or business purchases and not for purchases for personal use or consumption. Purchases for personal use or consumption are considered purchases from supermarkets, gasoline, pharmacies and consumption in restaurants.
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